Official documents

Official documents

This page provides links to key declarations and charters on environment and health and to the relevant section of the WHO website:

Fourth Ministerial Conference in Budapest, June 2004:
- Children’s Environment and Health Action Plan, 2004
- Budapest Declaration, 2004
- Youth Declaration
Previous conferences:
- Protocol on Water and Health to the 1992 Convention on the Protection and Use of Transboundary Watercourses and International Lakes, 1999
- Charter on transport, environment and health, 1999
- Declaration of the Third Ministerial Conference on Environment and Health, 1999
- Helsinki Declaration on Action for Environment and Health in Europe, 1994
- Environmental Health Action Plan for Europe (EHAPE), 1994
- European Charter on Environment and Health, 1989

European Environment and Health Committee and CEHAPE Task Force:

All documents relating to the environment and health ministerial process are available on the website of the European Environment and Health Committee under the following headings:

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EEHC meetings
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CEHAPE Task Force
Progress in Environment and Health
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Environment and Health process: the ministerial conferences