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Steps towards implementation

The National Children’s Environmental Health Action Plan document was finalized by the end of 2005. It includes the data that should be collected and the actions specific to children’s environmental health and it will be submitted for approval in February 2006.

The final issue of the draft document is on the website of the Ministry of Health. When it is approved, the final plan will be posted on the ministry website and will be translated into English. After this, the NEHAP that was prepared in 2001, will be revised.

Visit the WHO website. It can help you find out more about what your government has to say about its activities for children’s environment and health. For information and views from NGOs, stay on these pages.

Your government’s contact point

Dr Bige Surlu
Public Health Specialist
Dep. of Environmental Health
Ministry of Health
Mithatpasa Cad. No:3
Sihhiye Ankara

Ms Fulya Somunkiranoglu
Head of Division
Department of Foreign Relations and EU
Ministry of Environment and Forestry
Istanbul Cad. 98 Iskitler
06060 Ankara

Mr Sefik Kutlu
General Directorate Primary Health Care
Ministry of Health
4339885 Ankara