EU-related policies

EU-related policies

The European Commission will launch before the end of 2005 a special website dedicated to children’s environment health which provides an overview of how EU legislation contributes to implementation of CEHAPE.

The European Commission (DG Environment, DG Health and DG Research) has adopted a new European Environment and Health Strategy,in June 2004, the overall aim of which is to reduce diseases caused by environmental factors.

The European Commission says that in order to achieve this goal it has to better understand and identify health problems related to the environmental degradation. This will allow them to prevent new health threats linked to environmental pollution. The strategy will give special emphasis to the most vulnerable groups in society, in particular children.

The programme to support the implementation of the strategy is called SCALE (Science, Children, Awareness, Legislation and Evaluation). Its first cycle (2004-2010) addresses environment and health issues in an integrated way through the European Environment and Health Action Plan 2004-2010.

- Mercury - EU strategy on mercury envisages a number of actions to protect citizens’ health and the environment

- Environment policy areas
The Environment Directorate General’s main role is to initiate and define new environmental legislation and to ensure that measures, which have been agreed, are actually put into practice in the Member States.

- Health and consumer policy areas
The Health and Consumer Protection Directorate General (DG Sanco) aims to make Europe’s citizens, including children, healthier, safer and more confident.

- REACH - EU chemical safety legislation