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Steps towards implementation

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Government Activities

The Polish government is doing relatively well in respect to implementing CEHAPE from the legislative point of view. National Environment and Health Action Plans (NEHAPs) have been created for years 1997-1999 and 1999-2005 by Polish Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Health. At the end of 2005, a report was produced on children’s environmental health in Poland about the steps towards the implementation of Budapest commitments. The environment and health policy for years 2007-2010 has been encapsulated in a chapter of an environmental policy document entitled: National ecological policy for 2007-2010 and perspectives for 2011-2014 (Polityka ekologiczna Państwa na lata 2007-2010 z uwzględnieniem perspektywy na lata 2011-2014). A national long-term programme ‘Health and Environment’ has been carried out since 2000. It has a wide-ranging website giving an overview on global, EU and national environment and health policy, providing facts, news and promotion materials.


Several conferences for environmental scientists and medical professionals take place in Poland with many scientific papers concerning Environmental Health of Children published afterwards. They are organized by universities, Polish Academy of Science and pediatricians but rarely have input from NGOs. A conference organized by 2 NGOs, European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) and the Foundation for Children of Copper Basin, in summer 2006 brought together various stakeholders dealing with environment and health. The participants of the conference represented mainly research field and the success of the conference was that researchers started to think about the collaboration with NGOs, because the reality shows that researches more or less are a separate community, but their assessments are very important for NGOs work.

NGO activities

The government is involving NGOs by consultations but regularly reducing the public financial support for the procedure. The government doesn’t provide money for NGOs to contribute in implementing the national plans. Also limited resources for consulting NGOs are available. No general overview on NGO activities in the field of environment and health is accessible in Poland. Due to deficiencies in networking, NGOs work on environment and health issues separately. However, NGOs are working on many issues regarding children’s environment and health not even knowing that they are taking part in implementing CEHAPE, for example, work on tobacco control, alcohol control and traffic control programmes as well as the rehabilitation of disabled children after car accidents, education, green schools and on-line active learning programmes for children. Visit the List of NGOs for further information.

For information and views from NGOs, stay on these pages.

For more information about what the government reports about on its activities for children’s environment and health visit the WHO website.

For information provided by the Polish government on Environmental Health visit the Institute of Occupational Medicine and Environmental Health website.

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Your government’s contact point

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