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Steps towards implementation

In 1997 the Department of Health Policy and Planning took the lead in developing the National Environment and Health Action Plan (NEHAP) with an integrated multi-sectoral approach towards sustainable development. The aims of cooperation and integration are still as relevant now as they were back then.

In 2006, Malta has embarked on a revision of its NEHAP, keeping in mind the particular issues raised by the CEHAPE.

Visit the WHO website. It can help you find out more about what your government has to say about its activities for children’s environment and health. For information and views from NGOs, stay on these pages.

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Your government’s contact point

Dr Godwin Cassar
Director General
Malta Environment and Planning Authority
St Francis Ravelin
Floriana CMR 02

Dr Karen Vincenti
Consultant in Public Health Medicine
Office of the Director-General (Health)
Ministry of Health, the Elderly and Community Care
181 Melita Street
Valletta, CMR 02