NGOs in the process

NGOs in the process

10 - 12th March: NGOs participate in the WHO Fifth Ministerial Conference on environment and health

Health and the environment, experts and non-governmental organisations from the 53 WHO European countries gathered to discuss progress on the Environment and Health process in Europe.

During the conference, HEAL and WECF announced the winners of the 2nd CEHAPE awards for good practice in environment and health. You can read more about the winners here.

The presence of experts and NGOs is of crucial importance to drive Europe’s agenda on emerging environmental health challenges for the years to come.

HEAL’s evaluation of the talks, along key documents etc, are available here.

Civil society groups plays an important role in the Children’s Environment and Health Action Plan for Europe (CEHAPE) process.

In these pages, you will get more information on NGO role and positions in the Pan European Environment and Health process, as well as feedback from European Environment and Health Committee (EEHC) and CEHAPE Task Force meetings.

“What concerns me about CEHAPE is that it is strong on the more traditional sources of industrial pollution whereas the post-industrial or consumer-type exposure - which affect all countries in the WHO region - have much less clear targets. For example, the evidence of harm from environmental tobacco smoke on the under 5s is rock solid, yet the recommendations are weak.“

(Professor Peter Helms of Aberdeen University, who represented EPHA on the SCALE working groups)