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Steps towards implementation

Cyprus is developing a National Children’s Environment and Health Action Plan. The Ministry of Health has the key promoting and coordinating role in the process of CEHAPE, the overall responsibility for its effective implementation and for reporting at the next Ministerial Conference in 2007. A National Committee on Environment and Children’s Health (NCECH) has been appointed to coordinate and promote actions related to the Budapest outcomes.

This committee has the responsibility for developing a national children’s environment and health action plan. The committee is multidisciplinary, with members from the government, the private sector, and other specialists in the fields of children’s health, chemicals, the environment and education.

Visit the WHO website It can help you find out more about what your government has to say about its activities for children’s environment and health. For information and views from NGOs, stay on these pages.

Your government’s contact point

Dr Stella Michaelidou-Canna
Head of the Department of Environmental Chemistry Ecotoxicol, Pesticol and Radioactivity
Ministry of Health, State General Laboratory
44 Kimonos Street
1451 Nicosia