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Steps towards implementation

Bulgaria has a National Environment and Health Action Plan (NEHAP) to implement commitments on children’s environment and health.

Currently a working group for National CEHAP development is being set up composed of the main stakeholders, including NGOs.

Visit the WHO website. It can help you find out more about what your government has to say about its activities for children’s environment and health. For information and views from NGOs, stay on these pages.

Latest news:
- Working group with NGOs since June 2005

Your government’s contact point

Dr Hristina Mileva
Chief State Expert
Directorate of Public Health Protection and Control
Ministry of Health
5, Sveta Nedelya Square
BG-1000 Sofia

Mrs Ganya Hristova
State Expert
Environmental Strategies and Programmes
Ministry of Environment and Water
67 William Gladstone
BG-1000 Sofia