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Steps towards implementation

The NEHAP will be revised to take account of children. The Ministry of Health places great importance on the revision of the NEHAP which was prepared in 2001 together with WHO/Europe.

Programmes currently being implemented include ecological stability and social poverty reduction, and these will improve the environment and health of the population. The ministry is very active in awareness-raising campaigns. Although various international conventions have been ratified, including the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants, since independence environment and health could not be a priority while the economic situation was difficult. However for 2006 it will be a priority. Measures will be implemented in the following areas:

- Water and health, in many dimensions.
- Transport and health, and specially accident reduction.
- Air and health, via supportinf the equipment of laboratories.
- Environmental health indicators.
- Housing and health.

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Your government’s contact point

Mr Imran Abdulov
Deputy Head
Department of Ecology and Nature Protection Policy
Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Republic of Azerbaijan
B Aghayev str 100-A
AZ 1073 Baku

Dr Victor Gasimov
Sanitary Epidemiological Surveillance Inspection
Ministry of Health
Kickik Daniz str. 4
1014 Baku