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18 July 2005 | Printer friendly

Towards Healthy Environment for Children: FAQ about breastfeeding in a contaminated environment

This FAQ Sheet emerged out of the combined efforts of breastfeeding and environmental health and justice groups in addressing breastfeeding in a contaminated environment. These allies seek to understand the issue from both the environmental health and justice and breastfeeding perspectives, share experiences and develop communication strategies to educate the general public, health workers, policy makers and the media. It is based on the recognition that breastfeeding promotion should take place alongside efforts to eliminate toxic chemicals from the environment.

The WABA Breastfeeding and Environment Working Group and the WABA Secretariat coordinated the collaborative process and preparation of the document for publication. EPHA Environment Network in partnership with Initiativ Liewensufank (IBFAN Luxembourg) supported the re-printing and the French and German translation of the brochure.

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