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9 February 2010 | Printer friendly

CEHAPE Good practice awards: the winners

Children’s health continues to be a leading concern; their health is at risk from a changing environment.

The 2nd CEHAPE Awards highlight inspiring and innovative projects, from around the European region, that promote children’s environment and health.

We received many innovative and diverse entries from throughout the European region.

The winning projects were presented with their prizes during the WHO 5th Ministerial on environment and health in Parma, Italy in March 2010.

Watch the awards video here:

You can read more about the winners in the brochure or by clicking on the links below.

-  Water and Sanitation

Winner: Station of Nature Research and Environmental Education, Lithuania

Project: Voluntary monitoring of wells, Marijampolė County School children keep well water safe

-  Accident Prevention & Physical Activity

Winner: Child Accident Prevention Trust, United Kingdom

Project: Child Safety Week 2009. A week that makes a difference to children‘s safety

-  Air Quality

Winner: The Flemish Institute for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, the Flemish Agency for Care and Health, and the Flemish Local Health Networks, Belgium

Project: Educational project for primary school Keeping "refreshingly cool" in the classroom

-  Hazardous Chemicals & Radiation

Winner: Far Eastern Environmental Health Fund, Russia

Project: Reducing the risks of lead to children, Changing the earth to prevent lead poisoning

-  Mobility

Winner: PORG Volders grammar school, Austria

Project: ’Mobility management - PORG moves’. Students promote free public transport

-  Climate Protection

Winner: Armenian Women for Health and Healthy Environment, Armenia

Project: Sun energy in Armenia. Using summer sunshine to boost health and happiness

-  Youth Participation

Winner: Green Light Youth Organisation, Russia

Project: Interactive environmental education and action programme. Mobilising youth to keep nature in mind

-  Schools

Winner: Youth of the 21st Century, Tajikistan

Project:Green schools. Student environmental management comes to the classroom

Background of the Awards

In March 2010, the Fifth Conference of Ministers on Environment and Health - "Protecting Children’s Health in a Changing Environment" - took place in Parma, Italy. The Ministerial Conference on Environment and Health wasthe next milestone in the European environment and health process. Focused on protecting children’s health in a changing environment, the Conference will drive Europe’s agenda on emerging environmental health challenges for the years to come.

The 2nd CEHAPE Awards have been developed jointly by Women in Europe for a Common Future (WECF), Health & Environmental Alliance (HEAL), ISDE Austria and European Eco Forum, and are sponsored by the governments of Austria, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Norway and Sweden, and supported by the European Commission.

The 2nd CEHAPE Awards were developed jointly by WECF, HEAL, ISDE Austria and European Eco Forum, and were sponsored by the governments of Austria, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, the Belgian joint-interministerial Conference on Environment and Health and supported by the European Commission.

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