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18 July 2005 | Printer friendly

Protection from hazardous chemicals and physical and biological agents to reduce disease

CEHAPE: "We commit ourselves to reducing the risk of disease and disability arising from exposure to hazardous chemicals (such as heavy metals), physical agents (e.g. excessive noise) and biological agents and to hazardous working environments during pregnancy, childhood and adolescence." Regional Priority Goal IV
Regarding chemical safety, the NGO Brussels statement also defined priorities such as:

Phase out all pesticides known to be hazardous by rapid implementation of the Stockholm Convention on POPs. Add lindane and endosulphane to the list of substances to be eliminated.

Introduce pre-marketing safety assessment of chemicals, taking into account children’s specific vulnerability.

Apply the substitution principle to all chemicals that have any indication of potential harm or serious, irreversible or long-term negative health effects, or that accumulate in the human body or persist in the environment.

Reduce dependency on pesticides through legislation, information campaigns, and community projects, including bio-monitoring and awareness raising.

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