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14 October 2008 | Printer friendly

WHO environment and health meetings for the NIS

A Meeting for Newly Independent States (NIS) is to take place in Kyrgyzstan on the 10th to 12th November. This will be the first of a series of three meetings which will address the specific needs of the NIS countries to reform their SANEPID system. This is a public health system, which is outdated and which has a very strong monitoring component related to environment and health.

The first meeting will address the basic public health reforms required by the current systems. The session at the end of the day on the 11th and the morning session of the 12th will specifically address EH issues and will plan the second meeting to be held early next year in Tajikistan.

The second meeting already agreed to by the MoH of Tajikistan, will focus completely on environment and health.

The third meeting will be held back to back with the ministerial conference as a pre-event to finalise the recommendations that should go to plenary in the session on the Specific Needs of NIS and SEE Countries

The Kyrgyzstan MoH has kindly offered to host the meeting with the assistance of a voluntary donation by the Finnish Government. Although the meeting is planned primarily for the EH Focal Points and some other experts from the NIS countries, a limited number of observer places (around 20 in all) are being reserved for Member States not from the NIS. We would like to encourage in particular those Western Member States who can offer financial or technical assistance to attend this meeting.

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