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14 October 2008 | Printer friendly

WHO/Europe starts environment and health performance reviews (EHPRs) with Slovakia

In September 2008, the World Health Organisation (WHO)/Europe finalised its first environment and health performance review which examines Slovakia. Environment and health performance reviews (EHPRs) are country-based assessments that WHO/Europe carries out at the request of Member States. EHPRs provide Member States with policy advice and recommendations on how to address environmental determinants of health.

EHPRs identify the most important environment and health problems, evaluate the public health impact of environmental exposures and review the policy and institutional framework, the degree of intersectoral collaboration, and the available tools for action. Special attention is given to risks for children.

EHPRs are planned to be carried out for Belarus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Malta, Montenegro, Poland, Serbia, Spain, and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. Final EHPRs reports will be collated into an overall report that will be presented at the WHO Fifth Ministerial Conference on Environment and Health in 2009.

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