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6 June 2008 | Printer friendly

Russia:The Problem Of Environmental Contamination By Cadmium, Lead And Mercury In Russia And Ukraine: A Survey

A new study entitled “The Problem of Environmental Contamination by Cadmium, Lead and Mercury in Russia and Ukraine: A Survey" has been written by the Eco-Accord Centre (Program on Chemical Safety) in partnership with MAMA-86-Kharkov NGO (Ukraine) and Volgograd Ecopress NGO (Russia).

This document provides a survey of data and information collected by different governmental, research and non-governmental organisations and pertaining to analysis of environmental contamination by heavy metals and their health impacts. The document provides information on sources of releases of cadmium, lead and mercury to the environment, routes of human exposure and eco-toxicity of these heavy metals, as well as data from analytical reports on levels of environmental contamination in Russia and Ukraine by heavy metals.

The project incorporated a special study of environmental contamination in Volgograd, including identification of releases of heavy metals from specific pollution sources. The report contains description of hot spots of heavy metals pollution and provides a comparative analysis of pollution from different sources.

Besides that, the survey provides a brief analysis of applicable international legal acts in the sphere of management of heavy metals, as well as recommendations on mitigation of adverse health and environment impacts of heavy metals.

For more information and a copy of the document please contact: Olga Speranskaya from the Eco-Accord Centre.

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