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17 October 2007 | Printer friendly

Green City Aalesund

Organisation: Municipality of Ålesund,

Young Norwegians turn their city green

Environmentalists in Norway are convinced that involving children and young people is the key to healthier and more sustainable living. The Municipality of Ålesund is working with Ecoagents in a campaign to promote children’s environmental rights that started in 2000. Known as “Children’s green cities”, the campaign demands children’s right to clean air, water, safe bicycle paths, and green areas where children can play. Since 2000, six Norwegian cities have joined the campaign and each has been made a “Children’s green city”. This year, Ålesund is working hard to become the 7th “Children’s green city” in Norway. Activities began in kindergartens and schools where children were asked for their wishes for the environment. A total of 350 posters sent to the kindergartens and schools created an opportunity for children to send in their ideas. From a combined “wish list”, the solutions to three requests were debated in a children city council where the mayor presided as chair. In June 2007, the environment minister is expected to visit Ålesund to present the “Children’s green city” certificate.