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16 October 2007 | Printer friendly


Organisation: ISDE (International Society of Doctors for the Environment)-Cremona, Cremona Kid’s Laboratory (Municipality of Cremona), and ASL (Local Health Authority)-Cremona


“I walk like... a grown up! and.. don’t travel alone!”

In the medium-size city of Cremona, Northern Italy, children face two critical problems if they want to move about comfortably. One is that air pollution’s levels frequently exceed regulatory limits, and the other is that vehicle traffic makes it hazardous to walk alone to school.

The “Cremona Kid’s Laboratory” in the Municipality of Cremona and ISDE-Cremona decided on a two-pronged approach to promoting children’s independent mobility and environmental awareness while contributing to a reduction of atmospheric pollution, especially around schools. They organise meetings with staff and parents on the “piedibus” (a group of children walking together accompanied by two adults) and car pooling.

The group hopes that by reducing the number of cars on the school route, the atmospheric pollution will fall and walking to school will become safer and more pleasant. The wider aim is to encourage families to extend the principles of children’s safe and independent mobility and environmental awareness to other aspects of life.

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