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16 October 2007 | Printer friendly

Pediatrician Injury Prevention Counselling/Child Safety Tips

Organisation: Grosse schützen Kleine (Safe Kids Austria),

Paediatricians offer parents “Child safety tips”

In Austria, half of all childhood injuries occur among young children in and around the home - yet doctors receive no medical training in injury prevention counselling.

Grosse schützen Kleine (Safe Kids Austria) therefore lobbied for regulations to require doctors to counsel parents on injury prevention while researching existing educational materials and programmes and working with paediatricians to develop safety manuals, guidelines and tips.

Today, 80% of all families with children from birth to 6 years old in Austria benefit from the Paediatrician Injury Counselling Programme. A recent survey showed that 70% of doctors are regularly handing out sheets from their pads during child consultations. The survey also showed that parents are benefiting because they are not always aware of the greatest risks.

In 2006, the programme was identified as an example in the “good practice” guide of the European Child Safety Alliance ( The model has been adapted for counselling programmes in Cyprus, Czech Republic and USA.

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