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16 October 2007 | Printer friendly

Aktiv Mobility Management for schools

Organisation: Climate Alliance Austria

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Mobility managed for children’s health

Parents are worried about children walking or cycling to school so they take them in the car. This adds to the traffic on the roads thus causing a vicious cycle. Climate Alliance Austria, working within the Climate Change Initiative of the Austrian Environment Ministry, wants to break this downward spiral for the benefit of children and climate protection. The project is providing a basic package of information and teaching materials for 500 interested schools or teachers in Austria. Additionally, fifty schools are benefiting from a more intensive programme. Over the course of a year, a mobility manager helps the children, teachers and parents find local solutions to their problems. This may be achieved via road safety measures or innovative approaches such as roundtables with children, community members and transport company staff. The results of the project include better options for children making their way to school. There is less car traffic around the schools and more awareness of children’s need for physical activity, clean air and more pleasant journeys to school.

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