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16 October 2007 | Printer friendly

Clean toilets: “It is not a luxury - It is a human right”

Organisation: Earth Forever Foundation

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Clean toilets: “It is not a luxury - It is a human right”

Dilapidated toilets in schools are a burning issue in Bulgaria. Earth Forever Foundation decided to address this problem as part of a civil education initiative involving students, teachers and parents. The aim was to raise awareness of the need for decent toilets to improve health and the dignity of children in Bulgaria.

Activities involved providing materials to raise the awareness of the importance of clean toilets and hand washing facilities, and the setting up of committees to organise improvements and maintenance.

Approximately 1,900 students and 280 school staff and their families received information about children’s rights to safe water, adequate sanitation and the health risks associated with dirty toilets, which often cause children to avoid them. By the end of the project, the entire group had soap and warm water in the school toilets and almost half the toilets have been renovated thanks to the work of the teacher-parent committees.

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