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13 August 2007 | Printer friendly, Implementing Mobility Management Measures at Schools

Name of the organization: Austrian Mobility Research FGM-AMOR

Title of the project:, Implementing Mobility Management Measures at Schools


School mobility measures (SMM) have been introduced in 16 schools across Austria in order to encourage children, parents and teachers to use sustainable transport means. Representatives from the local authorities supported the schools in implementing awareness raising campaigns and infrastructure projects. One of the most important tools of SMM for schools was the campaign Traffic Snake Game (TSG). This game targeted children aged between 6 and 11 years. With its slogan “Getting to school in an environmentally friendly, healthy and safe way” this one-week campaign encouraged pupils, teachers and parents to travel to school on foot, by bicycle or by public transport. Around 1.500 pupils, parents and teachers participated in this game. The TSG helped make people more aware on the importance of sustainable mobility and of daily exercise. During its implementation a two-thirds decrease in car use was achieved. Through this campaign alone, a total of approx. 8.22 tons of CO2 were saved.

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