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9 August 2007 | Printer friendly

Education for Sustainable Development and Climate Change

Name of the organization: Civic Environmental Foundation UNISON

Title of the project: Education for Sustainable Development and Climate Change


The overall purpose of the project is to reduce the CO2 emissions of schools in Russia through the development of new systems that allow and promote energy saving. The project is being undertaken in Omsk city, Russia and aims to improve teachers’ and young people’s understanding of climate change and energy issues as a key sustainable development challenge.

The objectives are:

To strengthen the capacity of teachers to effectively integrate energy and climate change into curriculum

To raise awareness of the fact that young people learn through the built environment they learn in

To pilot energy saving systems in schools in Omsk that can later be more widely disseminated in the city and throughout Russia;

To establish partnerships with business, the local education administration and municipal authorities to create a widely applicable system to allow investment in energy saving technologies in schools.

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