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9 August 2007 | Printer friendly

Child Passenger Safety - Community Project

Name of the organization: Portuguese Association for Child Safety Promotion

Title of the project: Child Passenger Safety - Community Project


The project focuses on promoting information on child passenger safety, in particular on the importance of using a Child Restraint System (CRS).

The project had embraced the following activities:

- Auto-stop activity, with the help of local police and volunteers near schools and kindergartens to evaluate the way children travel in cars

- Debates with 8-11 year old children in schools on seat belt and CRS use

- Training session for pediatricians and nurses at the local Hospital on the importance of providing parents with correct information to parents

- An informative evening session including a debate with families and professionals

- One day “CRS Checkpoint” where APSI evaluated correct CRS choice and anchorage in families’ cars.

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