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9 August 2007 | Printer friendly


Name of the organization: Aks Health Prevention GmbH

Title of the project: School-walker


The project aims are as follows:

To reduce the traffic in front of schools thereby increasing safety on the way to school

To increase physical activity in children’s every day life to tackle obesity.

Under the project every child receives a school-walker card (Schulwegausweis), on which the number of walks to school are counted. For every walk to school children receive points from their teacher, and for every walk home parents reward their children with one point for the school-walker card. Children who reach a specific number of points (relating to the length of their school walk) are given a prize sponsored by the local community. Any dangers on a child’s walk to school are reviewed by representatives of school, the local community and parents. School-walker lasts 4 weeks and is launched twice a school year. In the year 2007, 1700 children from 8 primary schools took part in the school-walk project (March/April 2007). With the beginning of the new school year in autumn the aim is to get 6000 school walkers from 35 primary schools moving!

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