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9 August 2007 | Printer friendly

A good life for everyone

Name of the organization: Municipality of Upplands Väsby

Title of the project: A good life for everyone


The main project goals:

• To increase the percentage of children who are physically active in pre-school, school and during their leisure time; who walk or ride a bicycle to and from school.

• To improve nutrition in pre-schools and schools in order to tackle obesity at a young age.

Examples of activities that have been carried out or are being carried out in the framework of the project:

1. Dancing/singing games for children between the ages of 5-7: a method for promoting play, movement and learning.

2. Formulation of a checklist regarding food and movement, currently used in both child welfare centres and school health services.

3. Compilation of recommendations for food in pre-schools, which will apply to all of the municipality’s pre-schools.

4. Food campaign, run in conjunction with organisations and associations. A brochure has been developed where local celebrities act as spokespersons promoting the general food message. Organisation leaders and associations attended a study circle and passed information on to their respective associations and organisations.

5. Active district environment - recreational sports activities have been introduced at a school. Children have been encouraged to try various physical activities, a program run in cooperation with other organisations and associations. Youth leadership education has also been implemented to inspire young people to become leaders.

6. Safe school routes - identification of children’s travel habits to and from school and promotion activities that increase the percentage of children that walk or ride a bicycle to school.

7. Playground project - the purpose is to create pre-school and school playgrounds that stimulate play and movement in a pedagogical environment. The project goal is also to increase cooperation between the municipality’s administrations, external players, etc.

8. Regular education for different personnel categories within the municipality and county council’s operations.

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