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26 April 2007 | Printer friendly

SunChild Festival in Armenia

"For Children with Children’s active Participation” this is the slogan of the SunChild First Regional Environmental Festival which took place in Armenia 1-12 April. It has been organized by the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets in Armenia. The second part of the Festival is foreseen to take place 6-10 October 2007.

The festival aims to raise public awareness of the environmental problems existing in the region and to establish a neutral field for cooperation, thus promoting the search of new, efficient solutions.

It puts a special emphasis on the youth and children participation to raise their theoretical awareness for the environmental problems in their surroundings and also offers them practical ways towards a solution.

The Festival has succeeded to motivate nearly 900 young people including school children, members of the scouts, the youth movement of Armenian Church and students from various universities.

The first part of the event consisted of garbage cleaning, tree-planting and environmental campaigns in some of the different regions of the country.

The exact locations in which different works are carried out were carefully decided with the assistance of local government officials and experts in environmental fields. One of the activities took place in the city of Gyumri. The project aimed the cleaning of glass-wool in residential areas. After the deconstruction of barracks, that temporarily sheltered those who lost their homes during the devastating earthquake in 1988, the remains of glass wool are polluting a housing area in the city. There are two kindergartens located in this area and children are especially at risk to this kind of environmental pollution.

The second part will take place in Dilijan, 6-10 October; this will include activities like film screenings in competitive and non-competitive sections, photo exhibitions, discussions on environmental issues, courses on environmental studyworkshops.

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