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2 April 2007 | Printer friendly

Online tips - simple actions, better health for children

Children’s Health and Environment Coalition (CHEC) a US non-profit organization from Los Angeles has launched a blog discussing environmental toxins that affect children’s health.

CHEC’s newest education forum is an online initiative starting off with 90 Tips for 90 Days. The series provides practical information on what to focus on in everyday life to avoid harmful environmental exposures. It is a very interesting and absorbing forum. One can visit the blog daily and find new tips on how to live in a healthy way. It consistently generates useful, science-based content for parents.

Given below are some disturbing everyday problems which can be solved thanks to simple activities given in the tips:
- Toxins in detergents and cosmetics
- Harmful substances in juices or fish
- Indoor pollution
- Toxins in air fresheners
- Toxins from carpet cleaning
- Toxins in toys

Many more can be found online

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