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2 April 2007 | Printer friendly

Environment and health information and education for children

In summer 2006, the Centre for Ecological Information and Education in Gdańsk launched an e-learning project for children on environment, health and cultural heritage. OWOC is a national, wide-ranged programme addressed to Polish children, youth and local NGOs. Participants from the majority of regions in Poland are already involved in this programme.

The title of the on-line education project refers to four values: “observation, knowledge, responsibility and activity” in terms of environmental protection. It advocates for a responsible and active life-style by encouraging observation and knowledge sharing amongst young people. One, out of four blocks of the programme, focuses specifically on health. It is an activity pack addressed to children on health and the environment, in particular on the influence of pollution on human health, active lifestyle, safe food and nutrition as well as contact with pets. Though questions and assignments, it encourages young people to approach environmental health matters in a comprehensive way. Answers to questions and completied assignments are submitted on-line and awarded by the Centre.

For more information about the programme visit the Polish website "OWOC"

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