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29 March 2007 | Printer friendly

Poland: CEHAPE working groups

Four CEHAPE working groups have been established in Poland in November 2006. The working groups aim to set up a database of Polish papers connected with CEHAPE items. All 4 CEHAPE Regional Priority Goals (RPG) have been addressed by the working groups as every goal (water, air, toxicology, accidents) is elaborated on by a separate working group.

The working groups are composed of 2-3 experts on children’s environmental health and the specific item (water, air, toxicology, accidents). Their final task is to elaborate specific expertise putting forward tools and methods for implementing CEHAPE goals in Poland within the next years. The recommendations were presented during the XXIV Congress of Polish Pediatric Society in Lodz in May 2007. The conclusions coming from the working groups will also be distributed to health and environmental authorities, as well as to NGOs and medical associations.

The Polish Ministry of Health has declared to finance the CEHAPE working groups in 2006 however up to now no funds have been delegated.

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