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28 March 2007 | Printer friendly

Organization Ecological Library Foundation in Poznan

The Organization Ecological Library Foundation in Poznan was established in 1989 and was one of the first Polish information centres with data on environment and ecology. On regional level, the organization offers an environmental education programme for students of different age in Wielkopolskie Voivodship. On national level, it is a member of the Polish Green Network and integrates its activities into a country-wide net of environmental NGOs.

Regarding children’s environment and health, the organization cooperates with schools in the Wielkopolskie region and organises classes on environment protection. “Cleaning the environment and healthy people” block includes classes on water/soil quality and it’s impact on human health, nature conservation, renewable energy, waste, GMOs & food safe for children, allergies as a result of air pollution, healthy activities in the urban environment.

Apart from classes, the organisation invites children and young people for exhibitions and to the library. It also publishes books and education publications for children and students on environmental protection as well as a monthly magazine called Wielkopolska Ecological Directory.

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