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28 March 2007 | Printer friendly

Lublin Forum For The Disabled

Lublin Forum For The Disabled was founded in 1994 and is a network of 50 local organizations acting on behalf of disabled in the region of Lublin Voivodship. The member organizations associate vulnerable groups and work with people suffering from diabetes, cardiological problems, asthma and allergies, lung diseases, birth defects, cognitive disfunctions and behavioral problems.

The organization cooperates with public administration, the local government, NGOs and institutions acting on behalf of disabled. They advocate for the activity of disabled people mainly by providing physical rehabilitation for handicapped and social rehabilitation for people with psychological problems. They also initiate and implement projects related to services for the disabled, for example a project on integrating women raising disabled children into the competitive market. Further activities are related to creating an information network providing consultancy and education packs as well as offering workshops on health.

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