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28 March 2007 | Printer friendly

Polish Coalition "Tobacco or Health"

Polish Coalition "Tobacco or Health" is a national network of 13 organisations including 2 youth organisations (scout organisations) that was founded in 2003. Its activities are focused on preventing active and passive smoking. It is a member of the European Network for Smoking Prevention. The organisation advocates for correct implementation of legislation on health protection focused on tobacco smoking prevention. Its main goal is to ban smoking in all public places in Poland.

The coalition is lobbying for decreasing health consequences of smoking and is working with teenagers to prevent smoking at young age. Currently, they are working on the implementation of a governmental programme aiming at decreasing health consequences of tobacco smoking in Poland.

The organisation’s activities also cover children’s environment and health by lobbying for a tobacco free environment in schools, kindergartens, nurseries and children activity centres. Another aim is creating a network of experts (family medical professionals, pediatrics, pedagogue, journalists, policy makers) for active anti-tobacco education.

 Polish description of the Coalition "Tobacco or Health"

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