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28 March 2007 | Printer friendly

Health Promotion Foundation

Health Promotion Foundation works on Polish and international research and intervention projects focused on public health, lifestyle risk factors and environment. One of their main aims is to prevent cancer, taking the measure of decreasing cancer morbidity in Poland.

The organisation was established in 1991 to improve public health in Poland. Using Polish and international experience, it extended its national remit to advocate for improvements in the health status in other countries of the Central and Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union region through implementing effective public health.

The Foundation supports projects on are tobacco, alcohol control, indoor air pollution, nutrition, active lifestyle and public health. It has programmes on promoting healthy food as well as promoting physical activity, including an education program on fats in food. Children’s environment and health was addressed in project on children health and indoor air pollution.

The scope of the organisation’s research projects on tobacco control is focused on patterns and changes in smoking behaviours and its health consequences, the impact of socioeconomic transformation on health improvement, attitudes toward tobacco control legislation and policy, including national measures and FCTC, economics of tobacco control (i.e. tax and price policy, smuggling), effectiveness of smoking prevention and cessation population-based programs, including public awareness and media campaigns as well as clinical trials.

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