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29 March 2007 | Printer friendly

Youth dialogue on Environment and Health, Luxembourg and Vienna, March-June 2007

Young people from the Pan-European region gathered in Luxembourg on 23-25 March to participate in a Youth Dialogue on Environment and Health organised by the European Commission. Marta Koltay from the HEAL Secretariat attended the meeting and gave a presentation on the CEHAPE Best Practice Awards.

The purpose of the workshop was to involve youth participation in decision making processes, especially related to both the CEHAPE and the EU Action Plan on Environment and Health 2004-2010.

Plenary discussions were organised on the Pan-European Environment and Health process where the representatives of the European Commission and WHO gave an overview on what has been achieved since the Budapest Conference in 2004. The CEHAPE youth delegates reported back on their activities during the past years: how young people can contribute to the process.

Four groups were set up on each of the CEHAPE four regional priority goals and the EU Action Plan 2004-2010: participants had the chance to make their comments, recommendations on what the priorities should be according to their point of view.

All the suggestions were debated in a plenary in order to produce a youth friendly Action Plan on Environment and Health. This document shall be finalised in the run up to the Vienna IMR in June. This will be done by the working group which has been created during the workshop with the participation of 23 enthusiastic youngsters.

The Luxembourg youth event was followed by a youth conference prior to the IMR in Vienna in June. On the closing date of the IMR there was a slot for the youth during which they could report back from their conference and provided their contribution to the process on environment and health. Please find attached the power point presentation which outlines the youth friendly Action Plan on Environment and Health.


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