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22 March 2007 | Printer friendly

The Foundation for the Children of the Copper Basin in Legnica

The Foundation for Children from Copper Basin was founded in 1991 as a direct result of the need to overcome the chronic lead intoxication of children in the region of Poland which was industrially polluted by lead. The organization aims at lead mass monitoring, treatment and prophylactic action for children. It also focuses on environmental health education and organising Green School workshops for children.

The foundation conducts biomonitoring of lead concentration in blood of children living in industrial risk regions of Poland. They direct children with augmented Pb concentration for treatment in a non-polluted environment assuring physical activity, health food and clean water. Another activity of the organisation is advocating for a healthy lifestyle by close collaboration with local environmental healthcare authorities.

The organisation also cooperates with international organisations and organises conference. The Foundation for Children from Copper Basin together with European Public Health Alliance organised a conference “Clean Environment - Healthy Children” in June 2006 in Poland. The aim of the conference was to organise a discussion forum for various organisations from Poland and other countries on actual public health topics and raise awareness on collaboration between organisations. The conference was devoted to children’s’ health and how environment affects it.

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