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5 December 2006 | Printer friendly

Centre for Ecological Information and Education in Gdańsk

The Centre for Ecological Information and Education in Gdansk is a regional information centre on environment protection established in 1993. One of the aims of the organization is informing the public on how the environment influences human health. They organize classes for children, workshops for teachers and stakeholder group meetings as well as field trips to natural sites. By means of a library containing recent environmental publications, magazines and videos they provide a firm source of information on environment protection. The Centre also facilitates a website entitled ’Information for Pomorskie citizens on sustainable development and condition of environment’ and publishes a newsletter called ’Green Bulletin’. An air quality monitor available directly to the public because screened in the window of the office provides information updated every hour on air pollution in the region.

Regarding children’s environment and health, the organisation is coordinating an on-line education project addressed to children. In its title, the programme refers to four values: “observation, knowledge, responsibility and activity” in terms of environmental protection. One, out of four blocks of the programme, focuses specifically on health. It is an education pack addressed to children on health and the environment, in particular on the influence of pollution on human health, active lifestyle, safe food and nutrition. Though questions and assignments, it encourages young people to approach environmental health matters in a comprehensive way. Answers to questions and ready coursework is submitted on-line and awarded by the Centre. Due to the fact that the education programme is available on-line, the organisation’s work has been expanded to national level.

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