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22nd EEHC meeting, 27-28 November 2006

22nd EEHC meeting, 27-28 November 2006

On 27-28 November 2006, the European Environment and Health Committee held a meeting in Szentendre, Hungary focusing on the progress being made to implement the Children Environment and Health Action Plan for Europe (CEHAPE).

The EEHC meeting focused on the Regional Priority Goal 1 (RPG1) which aims to: “prevent and significantly reduce the morbidity and mortality arising from gastrointestinal disorders and other health effects, by ensuring that adequate measures are taken to improve access to safe and affordable water and adequate sanitation for all children".

Discussion points for the meeting include:
- presenting examples of effective responses in relation to the morbidity and mortality arising from gastrointestinal disorders and other health effects involving children across the European Region
- demonstrating the link between gastrointestinal disorders and the effects of inadequate water availability and sanitation to clarifying the importance of RPG 1
- discussing the policy implications of RPG 1 and policy developments looking at their broad social dimension, in particular at the implications for children
- examining policy responses by countries and organizations to achieve RPG 1
- discussing the Intergovernmental Mid-Term review meeting (IMR) (13 - 15 June 2007, Vienna, Austria)
- discussing the recommendations made by the Fourth CEHAPE Task Force meeting.

Representatives of the ministries of health and the ministries of environment of the 53 countries of the WHO European Region, as well as relevant organizations, took part in the EEHC meeting. Genon Jensen, the Executive Director of Health & Environment Alliance (HEAL) and Diana Iskreva from Earth Forever, Bulgaria, attended this meeting as NGO representatives. Sascha Gabizon, representing EcoForum and the environmental NGOs, and also a member of the HEAL Executive Committee, gave a presentation on ’Role of stakeholders/NGO community in achieving the MDG’.

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