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26 September 2006 | Printer friendly

Ukraine: Conference on Sustainable Economic Growth & Environmental Challenges

On 19th-22nd of September 2006, an international environmental conference was held in Mariupol, Ukraine. The aim of the conference “Sustainable Economic Growth in Ukraine - Addressing the Environmental Challenges” was to create a multi-stakeholder forum and begin an open dialog between government, industry and civil society with the purpose of determining social and environmental priorities for sustainable development.

The central theme of the Conference was to establish multi-sectoral partnerships to realize Goal 3 of Ukraine’s Millennium Development Goals, ensure environmental sustainability and inform national development of Ukraine’s National Environmental Strategy. Together with international experts, stakeholders could share their respective views on effective approaches to enlarging multi-sectoral dialogue.

The Conference focuses on multi-sectoral dialogue in three main areas:
- Business in the Environment
- Implementing legislation
- Citizen’s participation in local decision making

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