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26 September 2006 | Printer friendly

France: First consumer’s website for teens, September 2006

On 14 September 2006, the French Institute for Consumption (INC) launched the first information website on consumption for the youth

This website, elaborated in consultation with several associations of consumers and parents [1], is intended for young consumers between 12 and 17. The objective is to inform and accompany youth in their choices as consumers by providing them with the keys so as to become knowledgeable, responsible and vigilant consumers. Teenagers represent a non-negligible portion of the population and are often the first consumers in newly marketed products. These last twenty years they have become the main targets for marketing companies. Nevertheless, adolescence remains a period more favourable to manipulations and perils. is conceived on an interactive and entertaining basis with many illustrated articles, videos and quiz. The six following general themes animated by two young actors are accessible: "buy smart", "my money", "my health", "sport", "eat well" and "tips". Activated links make it possible to look further into certain questions and learn about the applicable legislation. Certain contents can even be downloaded on mobile phones. Young web surfers can also send their pictures, good plans and testimonies.

The INC has planed to widely spread the information on through several campaigns of information on the radio and most visited Internet websites.

Read the press release “INC launched its first consumers’ website for teens”

Read the study on the vulnerability and responsibility of the youth as regards consumption (in French), National Institute for Consumption, July 2006

[1] ALLDC, Cnafal, CNAFC, Familles de France, FCPE, Indécosa-CGT, Orgéco

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