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NGO input into CEHAPE Task Force meeting,16 - 17 October 2006

NGO input into CEHAPE Task Force meeting,16 - 17 October 2006

On 16-17 October 2006, the CEHAPE Task Force held a meeting in Limassol, Cyprus focusing on the progress being made to implement the Children Environment and Health Action Plan for Europe (CEHAPE). Representatives of 40 countries addressed progress in preparing the national Children Environment and Health Action Plan (CEHAP).

Countries shared their experience in implementation of CEHAPE Regional Priority Goal 1, to "prevent and significantly reduce the morbidity and mortality arising from gastrointestinal disorders and other health effects, by ensuring that adequate measures are taken to improve access to safe and affordable water and adequate sanitation for all children".

EU, WHO, non-governmental organisations and youth representatives shared their experience in preparing national CEHAPs and discussed ways to improve youth participation in working on health and environment issues. The European Commission spoke about the work on the EU Drinking water directive.

Health & Environment Alliance, ECO-Forum and Earth Forever Foundation are just some of the NGOs which took part in the meeting. Diana Iskreva from the Earth Forever Foundation (Bulgaria), a member of Health & Environment Alliance made a presentation on children’s lack of access to safe drinking water and sanitation in rural areas. Children’s Lack of Access to Safe Water and Sanitation in Rural Areas of Eastern Europe: Suggestions for Action was the title of the presentation.

Substantial time has also been dedicated to discussing future events on CEHAPE. The participants discussed preparation the Intergovernmental Midterm Review Meeting (14-15 June 2007, Vienna) and the methodology to be used for reporting back by countries and organisations. A NGO meeting and youth event is planned in Vienna the day before the Intergovernmental Midterm Review meeting. EU plans to organise a youth workshop (February 2007, Luxemburg) to build a youth network on environment and health and to encourage youth participation after the Budapest conference.

For more information please refer to the report from the meeting and presentation prepared by Diana Iskreva from the Earth Forever Foundation.

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