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1 September 2006 | Printer friendly

European Child Safety Alliance launches Child Safety Good Practice Guide

A new publication, the “Child Safety Good Practice Guide; Good investments in unintentional child injury prevention and safety promotion“ was launched on 26 June by the European Child Safety Alliance, one of EPHA Environment Network member organisations.

The Guide builds on previous work by the Alliance and child safety researchers from around the globe and is a further step in supporting Member States in moving toward evidence-based good practice. Its purpose is to enable Member States to examine strategy options for unintentional child injury, move away from what has ‘always been done’ and move toward good investments - strategies that are known to work or have the greatest probability of success. These strategies are in the broad approaches of environmental and product modification; legislation, regulation and enforcement; promoting use of safety devices; supportive home visits; community based interventions; and education and skills development.

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