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26 July 2006 | Printer friendly

France presents its NEHAP interim report

On 5 July 2006, an interim report and a summary chart informed about the actions already carried out since to 2004 and the remaining actions for the year 2006, which include the elaboration of regional environment and health action programmes.

Since 2004, specific actions and measures undertaken toward children have been:

- To prepare an epidemiologic study specific to children through the creation in March 2006 of the Scientific Grouping of Interest gathering various partners in charge of the research project.
- To Protect teenagers from the risks due to amplified music through the campaign "AGI-Son" in October 2004 and by the obligation made in May 2006 to advertise of the risks on all portable equipment.
- To ensure the quality of buildings accommodating children by drafting a guide on environmental and health risks for local authorities.
- To improve the prevention of infantile lead poisoning by providing free-of-charge lead testing since January 2005, and the obligation since April 2006 to assess the risk of exposure to lead prior to the sale of old residences.

In view of the WHO intergovernmental conference on health and the environment of the children in Europe, which will be held in June 2007, the first meeting of the National Committee of Public Health, created in 2005, will approach the issue of "children environment and health".

- Interim report on progress and future actions
- Summary chart of main actions and measures
- Press release on the report

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