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2 June 2006 | Printer friendly

Youth statements to the 9th Governing Council Special Session of UNEP, 6-8 February 2006

In February 2006, two youth statements were addressed to the 9th Governing Council Special Session of UNEP, and its parallel event the 7th Global Civil Society Forum. The aim of these statements, which are a result of different consultations with youth organizations and networks on the topics of Chemical Management, Energy and Tourism, is to call for access to clean technologies not only for industrial but for household use.

Youth believes that it’s unacceptable that several countries and international funding institutions continue to subsidize fossil fuels and polluting industries, while sustainable options are already available. We MUST overcome our current dependence on fossil fuels.

Youth wants to take part in the process of facilitating countries engagement in adopting policies to encourage the use of alternative technologies while making them accessible to poor and vulnerable communities. The possibilities for financing are an issue to be addressed by the international community, and the role of the civil society is to assist governments in finding financing options to achieve energy sustainable development.

The statements can be downloaded below

 Youth Statement Global Civil Society Forum
 Youth Statement Special Session of UNEP

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