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18 July 2005 | Printer friendly

Protection from injuries and adequate physical activity to combat obesity and reduce accidents

CEHAPE: "We aim to prevent and substantially reduce health consequences from accidents and injuries and pursue a decrease in morbidity from lack of adequate physical activity, by promoting safe, secure and supportive human settlements for all children." Regional Priority Goal II
Concerning accidents the NGO Brussels statement also identified the need to:

Implement the London Declaration and the Vienna Declaration. These two documents agreed at previous Ministerial Conferences on Environment and Health contained good recommendations on urban and transport policies, including an integrated and efficient European rail network as a viable alternative to road transport.

Create a positive image of walking and cycling Half of all car trips are less than 5 km - journeys that would be very easy and quick for most people to make by foot or on a bicycle if it were made more convenient and safe.

Highlight the impact of the social environment on the physical activity of children. Ensure the collection and wide dissemination of data in relation to child accidents and injuries,including the role of inequality, disability and gender in the context of transport and play options.

Support initiatives taking place at the local level. These include the “virtual bus” scheme in which schools arrange for parents to organise groups of children to walk to school in safety.

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