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25 April 2006 | Printer friendly

Croatia, environmental impact assessment

In November 2005, Green Action published the report “Public Participation in Croatian Environmental Impact Assessment Procedures”, an evaluation of the effects likely to arise from a major project (or other action) significantly affecting the natural and man-made environment.

In Croatia, similar to other Eastern European and countries in transition, there are some serious contextual problems that affect the consultation and participation in the environmental projects. Institutional structures are weak, there is a lack of political will to consider environmental issues where the focus is very clearly on economic development at any cost, and decision making may be closed. In addition, public participation is often non-existent.

This are the reasons why the Green Action paper focus mainly in ensure participation. It is crucial to involve people during screening and scoping and in that way provide positive input to other stages in the evaluation process. If the public participate early in the process it will facilitate subsequent decision-making and make it more transparent and accountable.

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