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25 April 2006 | Printer friendly

Croatia, first steps in waste management

In august 2005, Green Action welcomed the creation of a waste strategy for the Republic of Croatia publishing the report “Two cases in Croatian waste management policy”. After years of neglect of waste prevention and management in the country, now the accession to the EU provides a unique opportunity for substantial progress to be made in this priority area.

From the strategy it is clear that waste prevention and management is not only a question of dealing with undesirable materials, but also of making use of valuable resources, and the challenge which faces Croatia is not only to minimize waste, but also to make good use of materials such as wood waste and construction waste which are currently taking up valuable landfill space, and also of the various streams of municipal waste.

The comments in the paper are intended to promote a Waste Prevention and Management Strategy which is in line with EU Directives, but which also goes beyond EU legislation in areas where Green Action and Friends of the Earth Croatia feel that the acquis is not sufficient to ensure sustainable waste prevention and management.

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