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25 August 2005 | Printer friendly

It’s our world, our future too: Young people’s voices on Environment and Health priorities

This seven-minute video contains the voices of young people from Russia, UK and Belgium - and explains why listening to them is important. The children and students describe how the environment is affecting their health, and what they think can be done for a better future. Three themes are highlighted: urban environment and mental health; water, chemicals and air quality; and, other issues, such as racism, drugs and violence. The film ends with European commissioner Margot Wallström saying why the needs of children have always been her priority as a politician.

The full DVD version of the video is available free of charge by e-mailing your request and full contact details to Monica Guarinoni, EEN secretariat Tel: +32 2 233 3875

If you wish to feature the video in your newsletter or magazine, please find below an information release with notes and quotes, and email Monica Guarinoni for illustrations and further information.

The project was based on work done by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM), who acted as one of the overall coordinators, along with ECO-Accord Center and Soros Foundation Hungary.

Thanks also goes to all of the young people, teachers and other individuals who made this project possible, and the European Commission and UK Health Protection Agency for making the video and its free distribution possible.

Thanks goes to: Russia school: Moscow Physical-Mathematical School No 1511 Coordinated by: Victoria Elias, Eco Accord, Moscow ; Camera: Andrei Ivaschenko and Andrei Savenkov; Teachers: Galina Nikolaevna El’tseva (deputy director), Svetlana Yurievna Karaseva (teacher of ecology and environment), Valentina Nikolaevna Churilina (teacher of biology); Students: Dimitri Osmushkin, Alexander Nikitin, Nikolai Barmenkov, Alina Bezhenar, Polina Starygina, Vitaliy Lysenko

Belgian school: Vrij Technisch Instituut, Beringen Coordinated by: Genon Jensen EPHA Environment Network; Teacher: Eef Carlier; Students: Ben Reynders, Rob Debacker, Wouter Vandebergh, Michael Dekeyser, Sander Heeren, Annelies Cassiers, Nicky Haegdorens and Dave Hannes

Hungarian school: Gandhi Secondary School, Pecs, Hungary Coordinated by: Katalin Szoke, Soros Foundation Hungary; Teacher: Renáta Dezső Students: Ernő Balogh, Zoltán Bogdán, Zsolt Kolompár, Brigitta Kertész, Erika Mecseki; Camera: Carolyn Stephens

United Kingdom school: Eastbury High School, Barking Coordinated by: Carolyn Stephens, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine; Camera: Nelson Sivalingam; Students: Nelson, Iram, Samiya, Jonathan, Onai, Kamaljit, Gladys, Stella, Helen, Chris, Gent, Robert, James, Edvin, Steven, James, Ernest, Yurgust, Antony, Pamela and friends from Gascoigne

Direct links to the files:

- Budapest Diary (QuickTime, 12,6 MB, 2:44)
- It’s our World, our Future too (QuickTime, 51 MB, 8:12)

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