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20 February 2006 | Printer friendly

EEN capacity building programme for NGOs in Croatia, 3-4 March 2006

EPHA Environment Network in cooperation with two Member organisations, PIN for Health and the Croatian Nurses Association, and the environmental NGO Green Action is organising a Capacity Building Workshop on Environment and Health which will take place in Zagreb, Croatia on 3-4 March 2006. The programme will be open to Croatian NGOs and community groups working on health and environment issues or active in the implementation of the environmental acquis communautaire in preparation for EU accession.

Workshop objectives

- To get an insight into the consultation and participatory process of health and environment NGOs in Croatia;
- To increase knowledge and raise awareness of Croatian NGOs on the key environment and health policies at EU and WHO level;
- To build the capacity of Croatian environment and health NGOs and community groups by providing case studies and useful tools for advocacy and media communication;
- To share experience and identify concrete ways in which Croatian NGOs and community groups could join forces and work together in the framework of a European Network.

In preparation for the workshop, participants will be asked to respond to a questionnaire about their projects on environment and health issues. In particular, participants will be asked to provide more information on how their activities are related to the implementation of the Children’s Environment and Health Action Plan for Europe (CEHAPE) as well as the environmental acquis communautaire in the perspective of EU accession in 2007. The objective would be to have some of the experiences and case studies from local NGOs presented and discussed at the workshop. In addition, these case studies will be included and published both in the final report of the workshop and in EPHA Environment Network CEHAPE implementation website (

Please find below a draft programme for the “Training and capacity building workshop on environment and health policy”. If you are interested, please contact Monica Guarinoni.

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