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16 December 2005 | Printer friendly

Bulgaria: WASH Schools (Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene for All) since 2001.

"WASH (Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene for All) Schools - Bulgaria is a campaign that Earth Forever has started in 2001.

It consists in a number of smaller and bigger projects which all together aim to raise awareness about the miserable school sanitation in Bulgaria.

This was done by
- organizing open discussions between students/teachers and local municipal authorities;
- training of children on the importance of high hygiene and the health effects;
- development and dissemination of educational materials targeted to 3-7 grade students;
- organizing summer sanitation schools;
- informing the decision-makers at various levels about the problem;
- Providing practical measures to improve and rehabilitate some school toilets;
- introducing toilet paper and soap in school toilets, etc.

In various activities we have managed to involve more than 75 schools from all over the country (36 settlements (among these 5 villages) in 14 oblasts of Bulgaria)."

(Hearth Forever Bulgaria)

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