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19 August 2005 | Printer friendly

Questionnaire: Help us collect information on national and European NGOs

To add momentum to the WHO’s Children’s Environment and Health Action Plan for Europe (CEHAPE) process, EEN is developing a CEHAPE website on the contribution that environment and health groups are making to tackling the environmental problems that threaten the health of Europe’s children.

Linked to the official WHO CEHAPE website, the EEN site will focus on the activities of European and national NGOs and youth groups. Our aim is to develop a comprehensive data base of non-governmental, not-for-profit achievements that will allow EEN to promote the contribution of civil society at major meetings, including the mid-term CEHAPE review in 2007.

The website will also make it easier for NGOs to network on different issues and with other groups in their own countries. It will also provide information about different governmental approaches to consultation with non-governmental groups. (See attached flyer for more information).

Lastly, we hope the website will be used by NGOs to provide comments on what their governments are doing (this information will be featured on WHO’s EEHC website), or not doing, and on the processes governments are using to consult and develop national action plans to address children’s environmental health risks.


Simply fill in the attached questionnaire. To ensure that your contribution will look as attractive as possible, please email us photos of your activities or copies of any brightly-coloured report covers that can be used to illustrate your work. We would also welcome any feedback on the content of the website, including suggestions about any other activities that could be added.


A full, in-depth report will be presented to the mid-term, inter-governmental conference on CEHAPE in 2007. This meeting will be important in shaping future developments. So to give your work the best chance of some promotion, please be sure to start soon on your contribution to the EEN CEHAPE website.